Thursday, August 15, 2013

In which the blog becomes more of a diary...

... which is probably the fate of most blogs, after all.  Like many things, they start with a rush of enthusiasm, persevere out of a sense of responsibility, and eventually fade as interest wanes.  It's not that I've stopped writing (I figure I have about 40 pages left to draft of my novel), but when I have time to write I want to work on the book.  Blogging seems a luxury.

Or, in this case, a bit of an excuse perhaps.  I'm rethinking one of the chapters I'm drafting, which mean throwing away a few days worth of work.  That's sad in the way that burning a dinner is, only in that case you can order out for pizza.  When you trash a section of a book, you still have to make dinner, so to speak. 

I heard a new term yesterday: declinism.  It means what you think, that everything is going to hell.  Since my book is a anti-dystopia (which is different from a utopia), it actually works very well to have some declinist characters.  In fact, I love the irony of having a declinist who also believes himself to be immortal.  And he's a hypocritical sociopath, so the perspective is a blast to write.  My model for this chapter is the Jason section of The Sound and the Fury, which gets overlooked because it is not as difficult as the Benjy and Quentin sections, but it's a masterpiece in its own right.

Okay, enough distraction.  Time to get to work.